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Severe Weather Chances for New Mexico Sunday

3 Jun 2018, 5:34 am

A “Slight” risk of severe weather in the forecast today for New Mexico.  This includes the cities of Santa Fe and Albuquerque in northern New Mexico.  All of the severe threat will be possible later this morning and through the afternoon.  Here is the very latest.

Severe Outlook

You can see that “Slight” risk is over Albuquerque and Santa Fe and even a “Margin” risk of severe weather down south over Las Cruces and El Paso.

Severe Weather Threats

All severe weather modes will need to be monitored for all of Sunday.  Large hail, damaging winds and a few tornadoes will all be possible.  Now one threat that we are actually hopeful for…heavy rain.  New Mexico is has been dealing with drought conditions over the past several months.  Any rain will be quite beneficial.


Here is the latest forecast radar for New Mexico.  Storms will actually be possible later this morning and last through the afternoon.  The strongest storms should occur during the afternoon hours.


Keep checking back with WeatherNation for more updates on today’s severe weather risk.


Meteorologist Patrick Crawford