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Temperatures on a Spring Roller Coaster Ride

29 Mar 2019, 2:02 pm

It has been a long winter for many. A winter that promised to end early (no thanks to Phil the Groundhog), and a winter that promised to be mild according to the early season projections (read more about how that didnt pan out), has been a long, cold, and snowy one for many parts of the country.

With April only days away, it has us asking “where is Spring weather”?

The forecast does finally show a warmer, springlike trend by the first and second week of April. According to the Climate Prediction Center, a branch of NOAA renowned for forecast general weather patterns and trends, the stretch of early April will feature likely warmer than average temperatures across most of the U.S., including Alaska.


But, before that, temperatures will likely be slightly colder than normal for the final days of March.

A modestly strong cold front plows across the lower 48 for the final weekend of March. This will allow a brief few days of colder than average temperatures to settle in. The cold air originates in Central Canada, and dips in for March 30-31, before moderating at the turn of the calendar.

The north-central U.S. will likely feel the biggest “ups and downs” as temperatures plunge further during the brief colder spell by 5-15 degrees BELOW average, then rebound to nearly 5-10 degrees ABOVE average by next week.










The U.S. still has some snow on the ground and ice remains on many rivers. As temperatures rise, the threat for flooding remains, not just for the already hard hit areas of the central U.S.

NOAA’s Spring flood outlook calls for dangerous flooding for nearly 200 million U.S. residents at risk of flooding this spring.