Top 10 Weather Events of 2019

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24 Dec 2019 6:00 AM

#10 Hurricane Barry

Hurricane Barry was a slow-moving, high-impact tropical cyclone that made landfall in Louisiana in July 2019, causing $600 million in damage and dropping feet of rain in the south.

#9 Arkansas River Flooding

Historic flooding impacted the Arkansas River Basin with damage to homes, agriculture, roads, bridges and levees focused across OK & AR. Homes, cars and businesses were flooded due to high rivers, levee failure and persistently heavy rainfall from May 20 through mid-July.

#8 California Wildfires

The 2019 California wildfire season included 6,190 Incidents, about 200,000 acres burned, 3 fatalities, and about 730 Structures Damaged or Destroyed. Blackouts were used to help prevent more fires, but blazes still threatened major metropolitan areas.

#7 Active Start to the Severe Season

A billion dollar severe weather disaster happened in February, March, and April. From historic flooding to damaging hail to deadly tornadoes, the 2019 severe weather season got off to a fast and destructive start.

#6 Impactful May Severe Weather

May 2019 saw nearly double the average number of tornadoes, including two billion-dollar severe weather events.

#5 Bomb Cyclone

A Colorado low in mid-March becomes a blizzard that paralyzed travel in parts of the Plains, produced damaging winds, triggered record flooding and severe weather in the Plains, and set new low-pressure records.

#4 Tropical Storm Imelda

Tropical storm Imelda and its remnants caused 24 to 36 inches of rainfall over a 3-day period across a large area between Houston and Beaumont, Texas. It became the 7th wettest tropical cyclone on record for the U.S. Some of the biggest impacts happened in areas recently devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

#3 Big City Tornadoes

Dallas, Dayton, Jefferson City, Mobile, Sioux Falls and other metropolitan areas were hit by destructive tornadoes in 2019. Looking back on the impacts, debunking myths, and heralding the fact that no one died in any of them.

#2 Mississippi Basin Flooding

Historic Midwest and Southern Plains flooding inundates millions of acres of agriculture, numerous cities and towns and causes widespread damage to roads, bridges, levees and dams.

#1 Hurricane Dorian

Category 1 Hurricane Dorian makes landfall on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, after devastating the northern Bahama Islands as a historically-powerful and slow-moving hurricane.


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