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Top 5 Videos of the Week

21 Jan 2020, 12:00 pm

Our top 5 videos of this week showcase a potpourri of weather over the last 7 days.


First, shocking video of a delivery truck sliding off Interstate 80 in Western Iowa!

The driver, state trooper, & occupants in the pickup truck were not seriously injured, but this serves as a good reminder if you have to be out driving during inclement weather – slow down and be aware of the road conditions.


Next: an unusual wintertime twister moved through a parking lot in Loris, South Carolina!

Watch as this EF-1 tornado caused quite the pileup as it passed on by the camera.


This is every parent’s worst nightmare—students injured at school due to a severe thunderstorm!

A microburst blew through a middle school gym’s roof … causing this scare of a lifetime.


Plus, a science experiment that we see from time to time that we can’t seem to get enough of!

When the temperature is low enough, and you throw boiling water in the air it vaporizes and turns into a pretty “cool” cloud…no pun intended!


And finally, another thing that’s rare in Irving, TX besides snow — a police officer…twirling around in it like a ballerina!

This was associated with a powerful storm system that also brought severe weather to the Lone Star State earlier on the same day!


Think you can top these top five? Be sure to send us your best weather videos! Find us on social media to share. 





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