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Tornadoes Rip Through Central, Southern U.S.

2 Dec 2018, 12:05 am

Severe storms fired up both Friday and the 1st day of December on Saturday. Dangerous severe storms brought damaging wind, hail, and tornadoes across the southern and central U.S. both days.

Friday, November  30

On Friday, storms started to fire in the afternoon, continuing through the overnight timeframe. Numerous tornado warnings were issued for storms from Texas to Missouri. The National Weather Service continued storm surveys through into the weekend. At least 3 tornadoes occurred Friday, all in Oklahoma and Missouri. Sadly, at least 1 death was reported as a result of the storms, according to the local Aurora, MO Police Department.

One of the longest lasting tornadic storms of the event tore a path of damage at least 25 miles long through Sequoyah county, Oklahoma, where the National Weather Service confirmed an EF-2 tornado. Winds were estimated to be between 115 to 125 mph.


Saturday, December 1

December started on an intense note, especially for Illinois where nearly 2 dozen tornadoes were reported across the state. Some severe storms carried over from the previous night, others fired up for a second round during he afternoon as temperatures and moisture climbed.

Tornadoes ripped through several communities, causing damage across the ‘The Prairie State’. Storm surveys are expected to continue through Sunday in some areas by the local NWS office in Lincoln, IL. The storms to be surveyed include a possible tornado near Taylorville, IL, and the other in west-central Illinois near the Illinois River. WeatherNation obtained many visuals of the storms.

*correction to above image: Credit: Brian Johnston*

*correction to above image: Credit: Brian Johnston*


The threat of severe weather continues into Sunday for parts of the southeastern U.S. including areas from the Florida Panhandle to the Carolinas.

Stay with WeatherNation as we continue to track the severe weather risk ahead.