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Updated August Outlook from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center

1 Aug 2018, 8:21 pm

The updated August outlook was released on Tuesday by NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. Warmth is still the dominate message from the previous forecast issued a few weeks ago, but the above average temperatures are not expected to be as widespread. Areas from the Southwest to the Southeast, along with the Northeast, will likely see warmer than normal weather. The wetter than average weather has been extended throughout most of the East, along with the Southwest. Below normal rainfall is likely in the Northwest and southern Plains.

Drought conditions are expected to persist in the South, but may improve in the Southwest. With drier than normal conditions in the outlook for the southern Plains, the drought may worsen in parts of Texas. The Climate Prediction Center says the slight changes in the temperature, precipitation and drought forecasts were due made due to current weather trends and minor changes in the long term weather model forecasts.

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