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WATCH: Top 5 Videos of the Week

17 Aug 2019, 12:58 pm

WeatherNation’s Top 5 videos of the week showcase the good, the bad, and the ugly weather of the week.

5) Jaw dropping video of a man narrowly misses a lightning strike in Conway, SC kicks it all off. Thankfully, the man was okay. This video is a good reminder that if you hear thunder, that means lightning is close enough to strike. [Related article: Man Describes Close Encounter with Lightning Strike]



4) A picturesque tornado caught on camera in Eastern Colorado, gave one community quite the show! Watch as a twister goes through a full lifespan, from a churning tornado… to gone in just minutes. Thankfully, there was no damage reported from this tornado near Joes, Colorado.

3) The Central Plains spawned several mesmerizing storms this past week, including a photogenic supercell that moved through Topeka, Kansas. The video shows development of a severe thunderstorm, as it grows into what looks like a spaceship by the end of the video!

2) The next video was definitely not a sight you want to see before boarding your plane! A lightning bolt created a striking display on an airport runway in Jacksonville, FL, lighting up the night sky. Delays, anyone?

1) And finally, with every storm, a beautiful ending. Mammatus clouds glow under the late day sun, making quite the sight in Denver, Colorado. A time-lapsed video shows how sinking air near a thunderstorm, forms these pouch-like structures.


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For WeatherNation,  Meteorologist Meredith Garofalo