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Whirlwind Weather Around the World

6 Nov 2019, 5:51 pm

Weather spanned from water spouts to wildfires the past week in the United States. There were many impactful weather stories across the world as well.

Widespread flooding was reported in northwestern Italy. Rivers in Casrza Ligure raged after the heavy rain.  The Italian national fire brigade performed several water rescues and assisted with landslide recovery efforts. November is typically one of the rainier months in Italy.

In India, there has not been any active weather in Delhi over the past week, but rather a very stagnant pattern. The lack of storms and wind caused a buildup of smoke, pollution, and more. The air pollution reached hazardous levels, even disrupting air and road travel. Air quality is measured on a scale of zero to 500. Zero to 50 is considered good. Delhi’s level climbed to OVER 700.

Parts of Australia have also been majorly lacking moisture. Devastating drought conditions continue. Some parts of New South Wales have not seen significant rain since July. Unfortunately, the dry conditions led to a large wildfire that threatened the aboriginal heritage site Uluru, or Ayers Rock. Nearby, a cold front kicked up a dust storm before finally bringing some much needed rain to the area.

And finally, a look at the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. A powerful storm dislodged an old iron ship. The Niagara scow has been rusting in the same spot since 1918. The ship moved some 150 feet down river. Authorities continued to watch the boat to make sure no further movement occurred. There is a fear that a strong current could eventually send the vessel over the Falls.


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