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Winter: Long from Over

31 Jan 2018, 9:40 pm

As we head into February, it’s hard not to look forward to spring.

The days are getting longer and the mercury is rising, but we are further away from warmth than you might think.


For many cities, February is the snowiest month of the year.

This includes cities like:

  • New York City — 9.2″
  • Philadelphia, PA — 8.5″
  • Washington,  DC — 5.7″

Some cities wait until March for the snowiest month.

  • Denver, CO — 10.7″

In fact, snow major cities boast an average last snowfall a little later than we might like.

  • Washington, DC — February 24th
  • New York City — March 16th
  • Boston, MA — March 27th
  • Chicago, IL — March 31st
  • Minneapolis, MN — April 9th
  • Denver, CO — April 27th
  • Tahoe City, CA — May 7th


As a kid, I always thought, “If I make it through January, I don’t have to be cold anymore.”
Living in Minneapolis, that’s partially true. January is the coldest month of the year, but it’s still a long way away from the last freeze of the season.

Average last freeze of major cities:

  • New York, NY — March 29th
  • Boston, MA — April 5th
  • Chicago, IL — April 23rd
  • Minneapolis, MN — April 25th
  • Marquette, MI — May 26th

Needless to say, we are a long way from warm. But if you’re looking for it, I got you covered.


There are residents of the U.S. who seldom deal with chilly temperatures.

So seldom that those residents cry tears of pain when the thermometer drops below 70ºF! (Okay, maybe not)

Warm winters: (Average high temperature during winter)

  • Miami, FL — 77ºF
  • Orlando, FL — 73ºF
  • Los Angeles, CA — 68ºF
  • Phoenix, AZ — 69ºF
  • San Diego, CA — 65ºF
  • New Orleans, LA — 64ºF
  • Houston, TX — 64ºF

While all of that warmth sounds fine and dandy, it’s winter!

You can find me on the slopes.

For WeatherNation — Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo