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100 Year Anniversary Of World Record Heat; Neat Storms From Above

10 Jul 2013, 11:52 am
Nebraska Storms
Nebraska Storms


Overshooting tops being seen in central Nebraska last night were fairly impressive – and perhaps were associated several tornado reports seen in Nebraska yesterday.

All of those storms, and their associated storm reports, were loosely affiliated with a cold front that made its way through the Midwest yesterday and is still creating storms (as of midday Wednesday) as we speak.

The good news?  A cooldown is on the horizon.  How cool?  Well, some spots, like St. Louis, were in the middle 90s and will get down to the middle 80s, with a lack of humidity as the main “good” thing to come out of it.


Temperature Trend
Temperature Trend


So – let’s get to the big stories.  The heat records and heat anniversaries.

Today marks the 100 year anniversary of what was arguably the hottest recorded surface temperature in the world.  134 degrees in Death Valley, California.  Amazingly hot, huh?

Remember this graphic on the blog from a couple weeks ago?

Term (French) Description Temperature range[1] USDA recommended[2]
Extra-rare or Blue (bleu) very red and cold 46–49 °C 115–120 °F
Rare (saignant) cold red center; soft 52–55 °C 125–130 °F
Medium rare (à point) warm red center; firmer 55–60 °C 130–140 °F 145 °F
Medium (demi-anglais) pink and firm 60–65 °C 140–150 °F 160 °F
Medium well (cuit) small amount of pink in the center 65–69 °C 150–155 °F
Well done (bien cuit) gray-brown throughout; firm 71–100 °C 160–212 °F 170 °F
Over cooked (trop cuit, carbonisé”)’ blacken throughout; hard > 100 °C > 212 °F 300 °F 


So we were at medium-rare levels for heat back in 1913…

Here it is, by the way… one of the original documents that listed the 134 degree temperature:


Death Valley Heat
Death Valley Heat

It’s been pretty close, of late, to those temperatures.

Take a look at Tucson, for example.  They’ve had (as of yesterday’s high) 39 days in a row of 100+ degree temperatures.  One more day of that (today) would make that a record.


Tucson Heat
Tucson Heat


We’ll see.  Tucson, as of 11:30am CDT, was up to 82 degrees.  Only 18 to go.

Moderation comes tomorrow, with a high likely in the middle 90s.

Stay tuned!

WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV

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