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Another Hawaii Shut Down From Reported New Cracks Found Monday

7 May 2018, 3:37 pm

At least 26 homes destroyed so far and dozens more threatened as the lava flow continues across Leilani subdivision and other nearby homes.


Officials with the Hawaii County Civil Defense said there were no new eruptions between Sunday night and Monday morning, but that there has been active venting of lava which has allowed the evacuation orders to remain in place. Residents were briefly allowed to return Sunday to grab any belongings that they were not able to obtain over the weekend when the original alert to evacuate began;however, as of the latest update from local officials the highway that connects residents to Leilani Estates has now been shut down from reported “new cracks” officials are noticing in the highway that weren’t there earlier this morning

“Areas downslope of erupting fissures are at risk of lava inundation. The general area of Leilani Estates remains at the greatest risk,” the USGS said. “However, as the eruption progresses, other areas of the lower east rift zone may also be at risk.”

Even though residents were allowed to briefly return to their homes to get pets, medications and other belongings, authorities stressed that the situation remained volatile and that it’s unlikely activity along the east rift zone of Kilauea volcano will be ending anytime soon.

“This is a very fast moving-situation,” Mayor Harry Kim said. “This is unfortunately not the end.”