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Savannah, Georgia Sees Snowiest Day in 28 Years

3 Jan 2018, 3:46 pm

It’s rare for Savannah, Georgia to see a snowflake or a sleet pellet. It’s even more rare for the city, located along the Atlantic coastline, to get an inch or more of snowfall.

For just the eleventh time in 147 years, Savannah saw an inch of snow on Wednesday, the first time the city has seen that much snow since December 23rd, 1989, a period of more than 28 years.

More snow fell after the official observation was taken at 1pm Eastern time on Wednesday, meaning the final total in Savannah is likely to be higher than just one inch. If Savannah manages to officially end up with two inches or more of snowfall, it’d be just the fifth time in recorded history that Savannah would have seen it.

The greatest single day snow total on record in Savannah, by the way, was a 3.6″ total back on February 8th, 1968.

It’ll stay way colder than average in Savannah into the weekend, so there may actually be some time to enjoy the rare snowfall in the city.

Stay with WeatherNation to see where the final totals fall!

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi


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