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Numerous Tornadoes Confirmed Across Central U.S.

Major damage was reported in parts of Kentucky due to a tornado on Thursday. As of late Thursday, there were about ten tornadoes that had been confirmed.  More are expected to be confirmed after storm surveys on Friday and throughout the weekend. Most of the severe weather has been in Illinois, Indiana Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan and Alabama.

Individual storms have been racing to the northeast between 35 and 55 miles per hour.

On Friday, the severe weather threat gets confined to the immediate East coast. Areas to watch will range from the Carolinas to the Chesapeake region. Here are the outlooks.

What should you do? Stay weather aware and weather ready. If you’re in the path of these storms, have a game plan of what you will do if a storm is approaching your area. Think of where you’ll go and how long it will take to get to that safe place. Where’s your safe place? It depends where you are and the structural integrity of the building you’re in. If you’re in a mobile home and have time to leave to get to a secure shelter, do it. If not, get to the most interior section and cover yourself with protective items such as a helmet, pillows, blankets, etc. A storm shelter underground or a basement is a good place to go during a tornado warning. Take note of where the storms are before you hit the ground and travel!

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For WeatherNation, Meteorologist Steve Glazier