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Tuesday’s Supermoon

17 Feb 2019, 11:11 am


On Tuesday February 19, 2019, a special event will take place! We’re talking about a supermoon! You won’t want to miss this one because this supermoon will be the biggest AND brightest supermoon until the year 2026!

The best time to view it will be at 4:07 A.M ET Tuesday morning. This is when the moon will be closest to the earth.

Although the best time to view it will be early Tuesday morning, the moon will be great to view all night long!



Most of the country will be dry early Tuesday morning except for the snow happening in the southwest and rain in the south. Cloud cover will be problematic for half the country, but hopefully the moon is big and bright enough to see through some of the cloud cover.

Make sure to bundle up if heading out early to view the moon, temperatures will be quite cold for most of the country.