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100 mph Winds Destroy Airport in Arkansas

3 Jun 2018, 3:30 pm

It was a long afternoon and evening of severe storms across Arkansas on Saturday.  Multiple severe warned storms produced very large hail. For example, Pope, Arkansas reported baseball size hail while Rock Springs, AR was the overall winner with tea cup size hail reported on Saturday afternoon. The image below shows another area receiving baseball size hail in Hector, AR

While damaging hail fell across the state; unfortunately, thunderstorm wind damage did not slack off. The Delta Regional Airport in Colt, AR is reported to be a total loss as the picture depicts below a clear image of considerable damage to airplanes and airplane hangars.

The National Weather Service office surveyed the damage early on Sunday releasing a preliminary report estimated straight line wind damage of close to 100 mph (radar estimated) at the time of the storm. Other areas in St. Francis County also had reports of wind damage from everything to houses, cars  and even farm equipment (as seen below with damage to this combine shed near Wynne, AR)

This is yet another example of why we must take Severe T-Storm Warnings just as serious as Tornado Warnings. Where there is debris to be picked up, 100 mph winds can be deadly.

Meteorologist Merry Matthews