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A National Icebox

8 Jan 2010, 1:19 pm

Chilly, frosty, bone chilling, teeth chattering…I’m running out of ways to describe the cold!  Anyway you look at it, today is downright cold across a majority of the country.   A -55° wind chill reading was reported over the Northern Plains this morning.  Temperatures and the wind chill will remain below zero today over the central U.S…now that’s character-building cold!

wind chill

Lake effect snow has started today over the Great Lakes and interior Northeast.  A north wind has made an impressive lake effect snow band just south of Lake Michigan.


Snowfall rates of 1-2″ per hour will be possible under this lake effect band.  This band should remain pretty much stationary throughout the day resulting in snowfall amounts reaching up to a foot between Gary and South Bend, Indiana.

Weekend Outlook:

The cold air eases a bit by the end of the weekend.  A Pacific flow of air across the country will erode the arctic air with fairly quiet conditions nationwide by Sunday.  Rain and high elevation snow will fall Saturday over the Northwest with light snow in the interior Northeast.


Saturday Forecast


Sunday Forecast

Have a great weekend!

Kristin Clark

WeatherNation Meteorologist

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