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The 9 Best Weather Songs of All Time

14 Oct 2017, 3:16 pm

There are more songs about weather than just about any other topic out there (not counting love).

Brainstorming this article, a list of songs came together longer than would fit into a week’s worth of stories!
So, forgive me if I miss your favorite weather-related tune!

And don’t forget to add it to the comment section below.

Everyone Loves a Sunny Day

Here Comes the Sun — The Beatles

We’ll start things off with one of my personal favorites. Mostly because my mom used to sing this to me as a kid, but still an all-time favorite.

Sunshine on My Shoulders — John Denver

Simple, to the point, and honest.
“Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.” – John Denver

Walking on Sunshine — Katrina and the Waves

Looking for a big break? How about writing a song we can all relate to!

Hot Hot Hot — Buster Poindexter

Much like the last song, this too will never make the list of my favorite tunes. But I still sing every word of the chorus at the top of my lungs when I hear it.

It’s Not All Sunshine and Butterflies

Have You Ever Seen the Rain — CCR

Sometimes it just rains on your sunny day.

Fool in the Rain — Led Zeppelin

Of all of the weather-related songs, this is the one that sings to me.

Purple Rain — Prince

As anyone to name a weather-related song and you’ll most likely get this one in response.
No, seriously, if you ever find yourself on family feud and this question comes up– it’s your 1.

Severe Weather

Thunder Rolls — Garth Brooks

Did you really think I would leave this one out!?

Thunderstruck — AC/DC

The weather-related song for getting pumped up!

These are my favorite weather-related songs.

If you agree, let us know! If you don’t, share the article and tell us yours!

For WeatherNation — Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo

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