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Chilly in Oregon

3 Jul 2018, 5:00 pm

Seasonably cold temperatures brought a chill to many residents in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies Tuesday morning.  In fact, a handful of cities in experienced record-breaking cold.  In Montana, thermometers plunged into the 30s and 40s the day before Independence Day.

Elsewhere, the city of Eugene in Oregon’s Willamette River Valley plummeted into the 30s by Tuesday morning.  The observed low temperature in Eugene was 38 degrees!  That temperature—38 degrees—was also the coldest temperature ever recorded during the month of July.  Weather records have been kept in Eugene for nearly 125 years.

Residents of Eugene can rest assured knowing that a more summer-like temperature trend is back in the forecast.  Afternoon high temperatures will return to the 80s with overnight low temperatures in the 50s.

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Meteorologist Joe Astolfi

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