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Flood Catastrophe in Nebraska Continues

17 Mar 2019, 12:45 pm

Last week, a powerful storm system brought heavy snow, multiple tornadoes, and strong winds to the western & central portions of the country.

In its wake, historic flooding has inundated businesses, homes, and farmlands across the Plains and Midwest.

The stage was set over the last few weeks as feet of snow piled up. Frozen in the snow pack were inches of water, primed for release.

As the storm trekked across the country, it drew-in milder air from the south – triggering widespread snow melt.

On top of the snow, several inches of rain fell – prompting rivers to rise even more. Together, melting snow and drenching rains combined to create the worst case flooding scenario.

The rising waters have absolutely devastated agriculture. Hay fields taken over by giant chunks of ice; cattle stranded on newly formed islands.

Residents of several Nebraska towns were forced to evacuate as floodwaters encroached on homes and highways.  Even Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha was inundated by floodwaters.  More than one-third of the base was submerged on Sunday morning.  Thirty buildings had been flooded with up to eight feet of water, with even more structures damaged.  Approximately 3,000 feet of the base’s 11,700-feet runway was underwater.

As extensive and catastrophic flooding continues through the next few days stay tuned right here on WeatherNation as we give you the latest details on this historic flooding event.

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