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Get Ready for Hurricane Season

4 May 2019, 3:16 pm

It’s almost that time of year again- Hurricane season is right around the corner. WeatherNation wants YOU to get prepared.

Hurricane season “officially” begins on May 15 for the eastern Pacific basin, and June 1 for the Atlantic basin. BUT, storms can, and have formed outside of those climatologically more common dates.

On Thursday, May 9 John Van Pelt  visited the NOAA Hurricane Awareness Tour live on WeatherNation to get ready for the season. John spoke with hurricane experts and the National Hurricane Center, Emergency Managers, Hurricane Hunters are more with information to help us better understand all the risk that hurricane season can bring.


Interview with Daniel Brown, NHC Hurricane Specialist




Coming up May 26-June 1, tune in to WeatherNation for  Hurricane Prep Week. During those days, WeatherNation will air special stories about hurricane safety, preparedness, and education so you can make sure YOU and your family are ready to go for the possible threats ahead.


In early April, Colorado State University released their seasonal outlook. Watch those details below with meteorologist Steve Glazier. He breaks down more about the season to come and the impacts that could play a role. We expect NOAA to release their seasonal outlook on May 23.


There are currently no areas to monitor in the tropics for potential tropical development.