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Getting You Ready For Peak Severe Season


Tornadoes, flooding, hail: This severe weather season, we want to show you the latest technology and forecast methods so you know what’s coming your way.

The Storm Prediction Center, the hub of severe weather forecasting, is actively improving timing out these storms more precisely.

“It begins days in advance when the threat might be just appearing on the horizon and we find that when folks have days to prepare, the warning system works most effectively,” explains Bill Bunting – SPC Chief of Forecast Operations.

New this year, SPC has added hazard information for tomorrow’s forecast in addition to today’s potential. This will give you more detail and lead time.

“As the science has advanced, we’ve been able to show that we have skill, not only in saying there’s a risk of severe storms, but is the threat likely to be tornadoes, large hail, damaging winds, or some combination of all of those?”  says Bunting.

He continues to explain that the near-term, high-resolution weather models, such as the ones you see on WeatherNation, are getting better, “Our goal is to use all those models plus the expertise our forecasters have here that have been doing this type of forecasting daily for, in some cases, as many as 20-30 years. In the end, that’s what makes the services that we provide the best possible.”

Even with forecast advancements, you still need to stay weather aware.

“Whether you go to the SPC website directly, or through WeatherNation TV, whatever your trusted sources are, monitor those closely and certainly as we get into the heart of the severe weather season which is happening as we speak,” recommends Bunting.

Prepare and review your severe weather plan now and have multiple ways of getting warnings.

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