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Impressive Snow Totals for Areas in the Pacific Northwest

27 Feb 2019, 5:57 am


As a series of storms have passed through areas in the west and northwest over the last few days, large amounts of snow have been piling up. Here are a few of the heaviest reports from around the region. Wyoming seems to be one of the big winners, especially near the Jackson Hole area with just under 4 feet of snow over the last 36 hours!


California has also seen some impressive snow totals in the higher elevations. Check out areas near Donner Peak, with over 40 inches since Tuesday morning! More snow is expected to fall over the next few days, so ski resorts and snow-lovers alike will be loving life!



Montana hasn’t been left out of the equation either, as over 2 feet has fallen within the last 36 hours. Stevensville has had 26″ pile up, and following closely behind with 2 feet is Cooke City!



Even some lower elevations in parts of Oregon at or below 2,000′ have seen some impressive snow totals over the last few days. Gold Hill, which has an elevation of just below 1,400′, picked up 9″ of snow since early Tuesday morning. Not on the list, but other populated cities such as Medford and Eugene have seen light accumulations since early Tuesday morning.



For WeatherNation, I’m Meteorologist Greg Rule