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The Last Great Race: 2018 Iditarod

The Last Great Race: 2018 Iditarod

MUSH! MUSH! The 2018 Iditarod race is well underway, even if the term “mush” isn’t even commonly spoken. Saturday, Mushers took to the streets of Anchorage, AK to continue a tradition dating back to 1973, when “The Last Great Race” officially started. The Iditarod was inspired by the 1925 race, via dog sled, to deliver a life-saving drug to the town of Nome, AK. The Iditarod celebrations kicked off today, in Anchorage, AK , as they do the first Saturday of March each year. Although the celebration starts in Anchorage, AK, the official 2018 start line is located in the town of Willow, AK,  about 81 miles north of Anchorage. In years past, due to the lack of snow in southern Alaska, the race has started as far north as Fairbanks, AK.


As far as temperatures go, this year’s opening event temperature in Anchorage, AK topped off at 26°. Within the past three years, the warmest Anchorage Iditarod starting temperature was as high as 42°, well above the average temperature of 33.9° for the month of March.



Although temperatures will be relatively warm by Alaskan standards, a heavy band of snow is forecasted to move in from the Bering Sea on Tuesday. If you think snow doesn’t sound fun while doing a 1,049 mile outdoor race – remember – you can’t pull a sled without snow!

For WeatherNation – Meteorologist Josh Cozart