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Major Flooding Prompts State of Emergency

Major river flooding across northern Indiana has prompted a state of emergency for the city and county of Elkhart and for the city of Goshen.

The St. Joseph and Elkhart rivers are expected to continue to rise through Thursday or Friday causing additional flooding.

As of Wednesday evening, the St. Joseph rose above major flood stage and is expected to crest nearly two feet above the record of 10.9 ft.

Further to the east in Elkhart, IN– major river flooding is ongoing.

There have been numerous water rescues reported across northern Indiana. Local rescue workers were also assisting with evacuations.

They mayor of Goshen, IN declared a state of emergency as the Elkhart River climbed above the record flood stage. It is expected to crest Thursday a foot above the record stage of 11.9 ft.

Flooding is widespread across the central U.S.

Flood warnings stretch from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes.

Kankakee County in Illinois is also a hard hit community with flood waters inundating entire neighborhoods.

If you see a road closed sign or barricade, do not go around the barrier. And if you approach a flooded roadway– “turn around, don’t drown.”

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Nick Merianos