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Predictions For the Pro Bowl

24 Jan 2018, 7:40 pm

For those of you looking forward to the Pro Bowl Sunday here are a few insights including a look at the weather for the game. Each year top players in the National Football League are selected to play in the Pro Bowl. Participation for players does come with a chance of injury, while the game itself is mostly meaningless. Besides a paycheck, players are also historically rewarded with a trip to somewhere warm, sunny and dry.  This year they may be short changed a bit with rain in the forecast.  

Orlando, Florida

This year’s Pro Bowl is in Orlando Florida, which at first glance would be a hospitable location for a game played for entertainment, but this year rain appears to have been selected too.

Camping World Stadium

The temperatures won’t be a problem with high’s Sunday afternoon in the mid 70’s.  The forecast for rain looks to bring Mother Nature into the mix.

Saturday night a week low pressure system is expected to form in the northern Gulf of Mexico and move eastward into Sunday.  This low should move across the Florida Panhandle Sunday afternoon.  For the Orlando area, this will increase our rain chances for the game as rain become likely in that area.  Overcast skies will give a likely chance of drizzle and light rain throughout Sunday’s game from kickoff at 3 pm through the end of the 4th quarter.