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Simple Ways You Can Prevent Wildfires

7 Jun 2018, 3:15 am


Wildfires can occur anywhere under the right weather conditions. After periods of dry weather, when the winds are gusty, and humidity is low in the atmosphere, wildfires can spark up. It’s important for you to do your part to avoid setting an wildfire, even if unintentionally.

“The biggest problem nationally is when people is people who abandon their campfire and just walk away without properly extinguishing the fire”, says  Gary Roberts of the U.S. Forest Service.


In fact, wildfires can occur accidentally in many ways. Here are a few common things to be extra careful about when fire danger is high

-Dragging trailer chains. It could create a spark and ignite a fire.

-Mowing dry grass. The lawn mower may spark a spark

-Avoid driving on dry grass. The heat of the car could ignite a fire roadside

-Discarded cigarette butts should be disposed of properly, and not thrown out into dry tinder

For more information on wildfire protection and prevention, visit the National Fire Protection Association website (click to be re-directed).