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Snowiest Winter on Record in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

A major April winter storm that moved through the Great Plains and Upper Midwest brought heavy snow, strong winds, and in some cases, set new records.

In the state of Wisconsin, the city of Eau Claire picked up nearly 4 inches of snow on Wednesday.  While this is honestly not much snow, that total helped set an impressive record for the city.

The 2018-2019 winter season will enter the history books as Eau Claire’s snowiest winter on record.  For the season, a total of 91.3 inches of snow was recorded at Chippewa Valley Regional Airport!  (Note: this total may change on account of the additional snow that fell Thursday).  The previous record was 89.3 inches from the 1996-1997 winter season.  Weather records have been kept in Eau Claire since 1893.

Other cities across the northern United States witnessed record snow totals with this storm.  From the capital city of Wyoming to the capital city of Wisconsin, new snow records were set on Wednesday, April 10th.

On Thursday, April 11th, a couple of Wisconsin cities set daily records, including Green Bay and Wausau.

Will the snow ever end?  Find out by clicking HERE for your local forecast.

Meteorologist Joe Astolfi