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Top 5 Videos of the Week

8 Jun 2019, 5:00 pm

WeatherNation’s top 5 videos of the week showcase the power of nature.

Here are the 5 visuals that captured our attention for the week of June 2-June 8.

The first video captures a tornado racing across the road, right in front of a driver in Convent, Louisiana. This tornado was rated an EF-1 by the National Weather Service in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  This was just one of several tornadoes observed in the state on Thursday, June 6.



The second video shows damage by yet another tornado just hours apart from the first in Baton Rouge. Another EF-1 tornado left behind a small trail of damage with cars tossed around on top of one another.  Although this was a brief touchdown, it’s a reminder that ANY tornado can cause damage quickly. You should always seek shelter in the event of a tornado threat.

The 3rd video gets a big “no, thank you” from us! Fireants clump together in floodwaters to survive in Walker, Louisiana. This is just one reason it unsafe to go into flood waters.

The 4th video, shows an incredible stormy sunrise near Salt Lake City, Utah.  This incredible video captures a spectacular lightning show at daybreak.

And finally, the 5th video is a visual capture of wind shear in a sunset. The timelapse of clouds over St Louis shows different layers of cloud decks moving in all directions, visualizing the change in wind direction with height.


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