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Top 5 Videos of the Week

15 Jun 2019, 6:55 pm

Here’s a look at what made WeatherNation’s Top 5 Videos of the Week for June 9 -15, 2019. Meteorologist Chelsea Ambriz takes a look.

5) The first video comes from Mullica Hills, New Jersey where we see, well, one way to rearrange the porch! A fast moving tornado creates a mess of a back desk as a weak tornado blows through. The National Weather Service rated this tornado an EF-0 as it went through Mullica Hills, with maximum winds near 70 mph.



4) On to Iowa, where a landspout tornado put on quite the show! Landspout tornadoes form from the ground up, instead of developing downward from a thunderstorm.

3) Our third video proves…Cleveland ROCKS… literally! Department of Transportation cameras capture the rocking and shaking as an earthquake strikes. The USGS ranked this quake a magnitude 4.0 on the Richter scale.

2) A time-lapse from Norman, OK shows how quickly the weather can change. From a peaceful Spring day, to an indoor day in a snap. Fascinating to watch, but also important to stay inside as severe weather moves in.

1) Finally, record heat in the northwest was no problem for the animals at the Oregon Zoo. A dip in the pool, frozen snacks, and an ice bath all prove great ways to beat the heat.

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