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Wild Weather Around the World – UK, Italy & Australia

20 Nov 2019, 3:28 pm

It was a busy week of weather in the United States. Heavy rain fell in several regions, plus winter made its presence known once again. But there were several impactful weather stories across the globe as well. Here’s a look at some of the wildest weather videos from the past week.


Snowfall in southwestern England is unusual. Temperatures rarely fall below freezing at this time of year thanks to the warming influence of the Gulf Stream. That was not the case this week in Devonshire. A rare snow even left some four-legged friends jumping for joy.

Italy was impacted by a range of weather conditions as well.  More than two feet of snow fell in parts of the Dolomites. Unfortunately, avalanches occurred after the heavy snow. Instead of heavy snow, it was heavy rain that fell in the Italian Riviera. Water rushed through the streets and closed schools. Devastating flooding continued in Venice as well. The high water levels are due to extreme high tides as opposed to heavy rainfall. This is some of the worst flooding the city has ever experienced. Parts of landmarks such as St. Mark’s Basilica were underwater.

Severe drought continues to be a concern in parts of Australia. Instead of getting just some beneficial rain, the Sunshine Coast was hit with destructive thunderstorms. Hail grew to the size of tennis balls and softballs. Heavy rain also gushed through the roof at a shopping center in Currimundi. Dry conditions, however, have allowed fires to continue to erupt along the Australian bush. Smoke from the fires caused the air quality to reach hazardous levels in some cities. For instance, the skyline in Sydney was barely visible due to the thick smoke.

Check back next week the latest update on weather around the world!

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