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84 Degrees One Day, Snow the Next

26 Oct 2017, 4:49 pm

It’s what Denver is known for.

In fact, within the past year Denver set a record for just that. 80s one day, then an all out blizzard the very next!

So it should come as no surprise that we saw it yet again this week.

The Heat

Denver hit 84° on Wednesday, setting a new record high for the day.
Winds out of the south helped bring the unseasonable warmth to the region.

But a cold front moving through the region shifted winds and brought about a big change.

The Cold

It was all about a passing cold front. Winds on either side of a cold front tend to shift direction drastically.

Check out this surface observation map from the day of record heat. (Wednesday)

Now compare that to one from just 24 hours later! (Thursday)

Strong winds out of the north. Those winds ushered in much cooler temperatures.

For those that aren’t accustomed to surface analysis, let me explain. These are weather observations from various stations we have all over the country. They tell us a number of different things, including temperature, sky conditions, wind speed and direction.

In these two observations, Denver drops by 42 degrees, the wind picks up out of the north and clouds take over!
This is all thanks to that little blue line. The cold front that passed.

Pretty neat!


Well, not as much as we could all dream about.

Just a little sticking around the Front Range is all we can hope for out of this round. But as an avid naysayer of over-zealous snow forecasts, I’m even liking the chances for Denver snow come the middle of next week.

More on that in the coming days!

For WeatherNation — Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo


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